A Call for Universities in U.S. to Have Free Wi-Fi for Students

The Goal. To encourage universities to put up Wi-Fi zones on campus so students can access the Internet for free.

The Problem. The college curriculum is constantly changing together with the fast paced world we live in. Universities are leaning on online and digital platforms when it comes to course requirements, lectures, and submissions. There are even classes that can be completed online! This is great news if not for the fact that students get left behind with all the advancement in the modern classrooms of today.

Students get left behind because they don’t have access to Wi-Fi on campus. Many universities across the country do have a few selected Wi-Fi enabled areas like the library or the student lounge, but classrooms and lecture halls still don’t have Wi-Fi connection. Some claim to have, but connection is poor to sustain the large number of students relying on it.

The Solution. There should be a budget set aside for providing stable, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi access to students. Better, if the entire campus could be Wi-Fi enabled. Access should be given not only to professors, faculty, and staff but to students as well. This way, everyone on campus will catch up with the university’s goals of advancing and modernizing.

Social wifi is a need in every campus. Beambox has been providing fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection to cafes and restaurants and for sure, universities will benefit from it as well.


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