A Call to Allow Thais to Engage in Online Gambling Locally

The Goal. To create rules and regulations that allow online gambling for residents of Thailand.

The Problem. Thai people love gambling but the problem is the laws of the country don’t really allow for the creation of avenues where people can gamble either online or offline. Because of this, people resort to visiting nearby countries like Cambodia and Laos or place their bets on betting websites in the U.K.  Thais also end up spending more on their travels abroad simply to visit the gambling sites and collect their money.

It’s interesting to think that a country in Southeast Asia with people who can be part of a new market or workforce have to spend money to meet the demands of gambling overseas. That money could have been circulating in the Thai economy if it weren’t for the laws in place.

The Solution. Legalizing online gambling is one solution to make sure locals patronize Thailand first before other countries. Legalizing gambling does not mean that the excessive gambling practices will be tolerated. There will be restrictions and regulations for that as well. But for now, Thais deserve a chance to explore online gambling locally together with other locals. This could even lead to the creation of working opportunities for locals and therefore boost national economy.

Thais still prefer gambling with fellow Thai citizens so an online gambling website in Thailand must really be in place, certified, and regulated. For a list of online casinos that accept Thai players, visit Asiancasinocentral.


This petition for: Thailand

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