A Call to Reexamine the Mandatory Waiting Period for Divorcing Couples

The Goal. To simplify the divorce process of couples who have sufficient grounds for filing a divorce.

The Problem. There’s a thing called the “cooling-off period” in the States where a couple who wants to file divorce must wait for a certain amount of time before the actual separation takes effect. While the length of time varies from one state to another, the general principle behind this is that the people behind this cool off period want to safeguard the marriage at all costs – that divorce must be a last resort and not a first option. Ideally, this sounds like a well thought of regulation, but in reality, most marriages end up prolonging their agony with both parties no longer having the genuine urge to ever reconcile.

The Solution. Lawmakers must carefully reexamine these so-called “cooling-off” period. More attention must be given to real couples with real marital issues that are simply beyond any remedy. If a cooling off period is really deemed necessary, couples should at least be given the right to file a request for reconsideration where they can state their case and plea for shorter waiting periods. In North Carolina, the cooling-off period is one year and one day. That’s simply too long, especially for those whose lives are at risk of further suffering from abuse.

The waiting period is just one of the many topics under the subject of divorce that’s much talked about today. A KasparLugay divorce attorney near me will help couples know their best course of action regarding divorce, asset separation, child custody, and more. 
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