All International Exchange Students Must Have Health Insurance Prior to Arrival

The Goal. To lessen the problems caused by the lack of sufficient insurance coverage to foreign students living abroad by making health insurance a requirement prior to arrival to the host country.

The Problem. A lot of students want to experience studying abroad and now, all thanks to the good international relations between many countries today, more and more nations are opening their doors to international students. This is exciting and all, but in reality, there are students that fail to plan their stay abroad properly. How? By not getting international health insurance beforehand. When this happens, students are now compelled to fix things right away when they reach their host country and this could lead to them simply getting the first option presented to them, without really considering its coverage, terms, conditions, and benefits.

The Solution. Exchange students must provide their host universities a document that certifies that they already have global medical insurance that will cover their stay in the country they will live and study in. This document must be a requirement that must be fulfilled in order to finalize the study program. This will be enough motivation for students to spend time carefully researching and learning about international health insurance even while in their home countries.

Students don’t need to worry about how to get started because specializes in expat medical insurance and they’ll be able to provide aspiring exchange students all the info they need to make the best decisions. 

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