Allow webmasters to temporarily remove negative SEO sites with due cause

The problem: many real-world established businesses suffer from copycat lead generation websites. Stealing their content and even the website layout itself. All they do is change the phone number and email on the copy cat site and reap the benefits of the original.

Solution: Allow webmasters to prove the origin of their site with archived timestamps in the Google cache or Submit the case to Google for arbitration and have the offending site temporarily de-indexed while a human can review the violation and determine if the terms of service of google search had been violated.

Currently, there is no way to submit the details of such a case to Google. They simply allow you to "report" an offending website and give a pre-selected answer to their classification.

This violation is legally fraud and smaller webmasters are neither capable of taking this matter to their local courts or possesses the knowledge on how to do so. However, they are more than willing to create hard unfalsifiable evidence to prove their legitimate web business has been copied by their competitor or simply a negative SEO campaign has been created.

Alternate solution: webmasters can hire experienced and ethical SEO consultants no matter where their business jurisdiction lies. Some expat SEOs are hired to do this kind of service such as PixeoSeo in Vietnam.

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