Ban Pajan Ritual in Thailand

The Goal. To ban pajan practice in elephant training in Thailand.

The Problem. Pajan is a ritual that involves torturing baby elephants from the moment they are taken away from their mothers. The ritual is performed to make them submissive and be able to be trained later on. Those elephants that we see painting, playing football, and performing other tricks often have very heartbreaking, crushing backstories. They are forced to live in very inhumane conditions. Kept in mini cages, beaten, starved, and deprived of sleep and water. All of these are done so they can perform in front of tourists and showrunners can make money off of them.

The Solution. This issue has been raised several times but is still happening. The government should investigate all shows involving elephants, and those that will be caught practicing pajan should be shut down. Promoters, trainers, and showrunners alike should be punished and elephants should be rescued to a sanctuary. Meanwhile, what we can do as tourists is to stop seeing shows that involve performing elephants. As soon as we boycott them, they will lose money and will be forced to shut down their operations.

Thailand has lots of hidden gems, and you can definitely enjoy your Thailand tour without seeing elephant shows that promote abuse. If you’re planning a trip soon, be sure to book a room in one of the Centre Point Hospitality hotels to ensure that all major attractions are accessible.

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