Don’t Stop People from Growing Their Own Vegetable Gardens

The Goal. To let people, grow vegetable gardens in their own properties.

The Problem. Believe it or not, in certain cities and states across the country, it can be illegal to grow vegetable gardens. With the rise of genetically modified food products, it is only expected that some would rather know for sure where they are getting their food from. Many of these home gardeners are forced to dig up their vegetable garden, their main food supply, simply because they grew them in the front yard. Most of these gardeners are all about organic products and do not even use pesticides or other chemicals on their crops that can possibly be harmful to the neighbors.

The Solution. There are city ordinances and nuisance laws that govern what we can raise in our properties. In some cities, you can raise three small animals such as chickens and rabbits, while some cities may allow for larger farm animals such as sheep and goats. Vegetable gardens alone that do not cause any apparent harm to the neighbors should be allowed as long as it does not cause any disturbance in the community and if the owner does not violate any selling restrictions.

If you have a backyard that gets enough sun exposure, you may want to spruce it up a little by starting your own garden. Be sure to review your local building and zoning codes and head on over to Helpful Garden for awesome gardening tips.

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