Make Coding Mandatory in Public Schools

The Goal. To include coding in the curriculum of public schools.

The Problem. Our generation is heavily dependent on computers and it’s very likely that computers will keep on playing a huge role in our everyday lives. With that, it’s undeniable that computers are gradually making their way in today’s industries which means in the near future, the kind of people that will be hired for jobs are the ones with sufficient knowledge in the way computers work.

The job market is already extremely competitive today, with even those with higher education having a hard time entering the corporate world. Yet there is a great opportunity that awaits our children in the field of programming, with specialized tech jobs always on the lookout for talented young minds. If we don’t do anything to nurture every child’s knowledge and potential in coding, we’re basically depriving them of the opportunity to thrive and grow up to be professionals in the future.

The Solution. Public schools across America must make coding a mandatory component of their curriculum. The nation has the duty of educating its citizens, and it starts with children. Kids need to learn how to code as early as possible, they have to be exposed to practical applications of coding in order for them to cultivate a genuine interest in the language of computers and the way the world depends on it.

Coding isn’t difficult. When we train our kids early on, they’ll find that it’s actually fun and interesting. Parents need not worry because Code Wiz always uses creative and effective technique for students of all levels to understand and apply coding in the classrooms, and eventually in the real world. 

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