No to Shaming Women Who Wear Makeup

The Goal. To put an end to makeup shaming once and for all.

The Problem. People go to the gym to be healthy, stay fit, and look more attractive. People wear clothes that flatter their specific body type. Some people even undergo cosmetic surgeries to fix imperfections. But those who wear makeup are being criticized for not being natural enough. They receive constant shaming that they won’t look as attractive without their makeup and that they are merely masking their imperfections with cosmetics. While makeup can indeed be used to smoothen and hide blemishes, that’s not all there is to it. Makeup is a tool that beautifies and empowers a woman. It helps builds one’s confidence so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using it.

The Solution. There’s no shame in wanting to look and feel more beautiful. If anything, women who take matters into their hands when it comes to their appearance should be admired! They know and understand what flatters them, and they are not ashamed in wearing clothes that complement their figure or in wearing makeup that enhances their features. These women are actually an inspiration to other women who feel insecure about themselves. They’re sending across a message that we can all become more beautiful if we just put in the effort.

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