Petition to Continue the Conservation of the Galapagos Islands

The Goal: To do more to protect the ecosystem on the Galapagos island through responsible tourism

The Problem: The ecosystem on the Galapagos island is at risk due to surging tourism numbers. The island, which is known for having incredibly high levels of ‘endemism’ (native species that are found nowhere else on earth), has a very delicate ecosystem. For thousands of years, the animal life and plant life on the island have existed in isolation, away from humans. In recent years, however, this has all changed, putting their delicate the ecosystem at risk.

While it might seem that the easiest way to combat this is to impose strict limitations on tourism numbers, this isn’t necessarily true. Tourism provides revenue that funds conservation efforts on the island, so restricting tourism could, in fact, hamper conservation efforts.

The Solution: We believe that policymakers shouldn’t limit tourism. On the contrary, they should continue to promote Ecuador travel and responsible tourism to the Galapagos to a global audience on an even larger scale. That way, tourism can continue to generate revenue and boost funding towards conservation efforts on the island to protect it for many years to come.

 We believe that, as long as tourists are educated on how to visit the island responsibly, the benefits of tourism will outweigh the negative effects. You can find more info on visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos here.

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