Petition to Encourage UK Government to Continue Supporting the Solar and Renewable Energy

The Goal: To Encourage the Government to maintain solar power subsidies and support the solar power industry.

The Problem: Right now, the whole world is in need of a major overhaul. Too many people rely on nonrenewable energy sources and in order to prevent climate change, we need to make major lifestyle changes. In the UK, the government provides subsidies for those that invest in installing solar panels in their home, but soon, this scheme is going to be scrapped. Unfortunately, this will greatly affect how many people opt to switch to solar power and could lead to a significant increase in the UK's carbon emissions. 

The Solution: In order to prevent the current climate situation from getting worse, the government needs to support the use of renewable energy sources like solar panels. This petition proposes that the government maintain the current subsidies for solar power, as well as making people more aware of alternatives such as home wind turbines, which you can learn more about here. Now is not the time for cutting funding for renewable energy incentives, now is the time to act, and save our planet from turmoil.

This petition for: UK Government

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