Petition to Help Reduce Our Carbon Footprint By Reducing Food Miles

The Goal: To reduce our negative environmental impact by growing more food at home

The Problem: 

As a country, the UK is heavily reliant on imported food. We spent £11.1 billion on imported fruit and vegetables alone in 2017, and 48% of the total food we consume is imported.

This imported food has transported to the UK by ships, vans, and planes. For every mile it travels, more fuel is used and more damage is done to the environment. This concept is known as ‘food miles’, and reducing food miles is an important objective in fighting climate change.

The Solution: 

The best way to reduce our reliance on high-impact, imported foods is to grow more produce at home. There are plenty of things that the local councils could do to encourage more people to grow their own food at home, such as:


  • Run national awareness campaigns to promote the benefits of home-grown produce.

  • Make it easier for homeowners to start growing their own vegetable patch through initiatives that make gardening/farming equipment more affordable. Affordable Evika greenhouses can be found at

  • Provide public land and spaces for growing produce

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