Petition to Help Reduce Plastic Waste in Our Oceans

The Goal: To significantly reduce harmful plastic pollution

The Problem: Millions of tonnes of plastic are thrown into the ocean every single year and, as plastic production increases, the problem is just getting worse. Experts predict that, by 2050, there will be more plastic bottles in our oceans than fish. 

This is a distressing view of the future, but we can do something to stop it. By curbing our reliance on plastic, and changing the way we dispose of it, we can save our oceans and the marine life that lives there. It’s possible, but time is running out. Urgent action is needed before it’s too late.

The Solution: We need a top-down solution to reduce plastic waste. The government should introduce new policies restricting harmful plastic production and distribution, and outright bans unnecessary plastic disposables like plastic straws, cups, and carrier bags. 

More collaborative efforts between world governments should also be made to step up recycling efforts and removing plastic pollution from the oceans. 

Many manufacturers have already taken steps to ensure the plastic they produce is less harmful to the environment. Environmentally friendly plastic lab consumables such as cryotubes and barrier tips can be found at

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