Petition to Prioritize India’s Digital Business Revolutions and Make it a Blockchain Hub

The Goal. To introduce India to the world as a major participant in the blockchain applications revolution. To convince authorities and locals to see each other eye to eye when it comes to blockchain apps.

The Problem. A lot of Asian nations are adapting to technology the way most people would expect their country to respond. Countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore have all decided to give the crypto market a shot and have considered it a relatively new industry that has plenty of room for improvement and profit-making.

But that’s not exactly the situation in India where people have nothing else to do but to scratch their foreheads and wonder how the government could miss the amazing potential of the blockchain industry in India’s economic and business sectors.

The Solution. There must be an increased level of awareness especially among those who belong to the banking, finance, digital, and communication industries. India has a lot of potentials and in the next few years, it’s very likely for the country to eventually take the lead and be at the forefront of the revolution of blockchain apps but this will only begin when the government becomes more open to allowing local industries to flourish as they incorporate digital payments, transactions, and record-keeping in business operations.

Citizens must gain awareness of the essential trade techniques and methods and learn new things about technology in order to improve their lives. You can find relevant startup, lifestyle, and tech guides by visiting Solution Tales. This site will keep you up-to-date on important news and current events in tech and business like how blockchain revolutionizes the industry, how does WhatsApp make money, threats presented by Any desk, and the like.
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