Petition to stop Instagram From Imposing a Maximum Follow Limit

The goal: Help Instagram users to grow their accounts by removing the maximum daily and account follow limits.

The problem: At present, Instagram has more users than ever before. For creators looking to use Instagram for monetization, or businesses looking to use Instagram as a promotional tool, this makes it extremely difficult to get noticed and grow a large follower base. To combat this, a lot of different methods are utilized to ensure growth.

One of the most used methods is to follow a large number of accounts when your account is new. This helps new creators to quickly integrate into the Instagram community and get noticed by other users looking for content in their niche. This method is chosen by many Instagram users and is quite effective. However, the effectiveness is currently being inhibited by Instagram's algorithmic limits.

At presents, accounts on Instagram are limited to following 7500 at any one time. To an outsider, 7500 seems like a high number, but in reality, this limit is quite low, and limits to the number of follows users can do daily severely affect how well accounts can grow using the following method.

The solution: To help new Instagrammers to gain followers, this petition asks Instagram to remove the current follow limits to allow users to grow faster. If these changes are made and Instagramers can get free followers from ProjectInsta growth on the platform will be made easier for new creators and help the platform as a whole to continue thriving.

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Asha Kanta Sharma
Asha Kanta Sharma 
I support the petition.