Recognize Video Wills as a Preferred Form of Will

The Goal. To recognize that videotaped wills are more believable than written wills.

The Problem. Currently, there are only a handful of states that consider nuncupative wills as acceptable. This means people who have died without having created a written last will and testament will have their wishes nullified, even if they had an oral or video will to support them.

Many legislatures do not realize that nuncupative wills, especially those in video form, are in fact more reliable than written wills, as they clearly show the testator’s state of mind while drafting the will. In videos, they can further explain their reasons for inheriting or disinheriting a family member, and that will be harder to contest if the video clearly shows that they are of sound mind and understand fully the ramifications of the will.

The Solution. All states should legalize nuncupative wills, and in the event that both written and video wills are present, the latter should be recognized as the valid will. In written wills, it’s hard to detect if there was unduly influence or if the testator was tricked into signing the will. Therefore, video wills should be the more preferred option.

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