Reprimand Tech Companies for Keeping Deleted Personal Data

The Goal. To put an end to the practice of keeping and recording personal information that users have already deleted.

The Problem. It’s funny that people should actually request tech companies to permanently delete data. One might ask, “Well, isn’t that what tech companies really do once a user deletes a social media account or uninstalls an app?” Sadly, things go the other way around. Even after a user deletes their profile or digital account, tech giants still have a hold of private information that range from basic info like address, birthday, contact number, to more sensitive and personal information credit card details, business proposals, and basically everything that was once uploaded or shared online.

Doesn’t everyone deserve the right to privacy? Yet what is happening is that people find themselves in an uncomfortable position where it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep knowing somewhere on the other side of the world their personal information might somehow be exploited and used for purposes they never signed up for in the first place. 

The Solution. Tech companies must give their users the assurance that the information users decide to delete will actually be deleted once and for all. These tech giants have a social responsibility to ensure that they use data accordingly and only when approved by the user. Any purpose aside from the terms agreed upon should not be tolerated. 
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