Require Furniture Companies to Include Safety Instructions for DIY Furniture

The Goal. To promote greater awareness among people regarding the safety of do-it-yourself furniture.

The Problem. DIY furniture is popular for many reasons. One, because homeowners find such types of furniture more affordable. Two, because such furniture is much easier to transport from the warehouse to home. Three, there is a sense of accomplishment on the part of homeowners if they are able to build and assemble furniture on their own.

What most homeowners don’t often think about is the safety of these furnitures. Sure, they are easy to assemble and are fun to build, in fact. But these amazing features still don’t hide the fact that there are some risks when it comes to the safety of people in the house when the furniture falls over or accidentally breaks. The danger is less severe when an adult happens to be strong and fast enough to avoid the accident, but what if it’s a little child who is weak and helpless? These furniture tip-over accidents can cause severe injuries and even death.

The Solution. Furniture companies must include in-depth safety manuals and instructions along with the assembly manual. Better if customers are already educated on safety even at the warehouse, to ensure that all safety instructions are read even before the furniture leaves the warehouse. This way, homeowners will be able to assemble furniture with practical knowledge of safety instructions.

In addition to that, furniture companies must also come up with innovative furniture designs that not only look good but are also safe and durable. 

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