Update Spousal Support Laws to Apply to the Modern Society

The Goal. To review spousal support in each state so that it applies to the modern world we’re living in.

The Problem. Spousal support laws in most states were based on the old assumption that one of the spouses, most commonly the woman, should always stay at home to watch for the children. However, our present age provides equal opportunities for men and women to work, married or not. Because some states have vague laws regarding spousal support, some are forced to provide financial support to an undeserving ex. While at this point it seems rather impossible to abolish spousal support altogether, state leaders should at least review the existing laws.

The Solution. Instead of following a pre-determined formula to calculate for alimony based on your state laws, it’s important to assess if alimony is necessary at all. The need for alimony should be questioned when both spouses have worked prior to getting married and have lived just fine independently of each other. Spousal support should never be awarded to a cheating spouse, no matter his/her income. Lastly, the receiving spouse may have already gotten an equal share of their assets after the divorce, and therefore shouldn’t get any more spousal support.

Divorce may free you from a devastating relationship, but not so much financially. Be sure to talk to your divorce attorney in order to come up with the best course of action and minimize the financial impact of divorce in your life, especially when it comes to spousal support.



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